Mr. & Mrs. Freeman. | Maryland Wedding Photographer.

I have never witnessed a first look quite like this one…where the groom was left literally speechless, in awe of his gorgeous bride. Jake was overwhelmed with admiration for his sweet Marisa and I was so honored to be there and capture it. I adored this beautiful, intimate celebration full of joy and overflowing with love. Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, congratulations, your love story is one for the ages! xo

Maryland Photographer_1354 Maryland Photographer_1369 Maryland Photographer_1368 Maryland Photographer_1373 Maryland Photographer_1370 Maryland Photographer_1375 Maryland Photographer_1374 Maryland Photographer_1371 Maryland Photographer_1372 Maryland Photographer_1376 Maryland Photographer_1367 Maryland Photographer_1366 Maryland Photographer_1365 Maryland Photographer_1363 Maryland Photographer_1364 Maryland Photographer_1362 Maryland Photographer_1357 Maryland Photographer_1356 Maryland Photographer_1355 Maryland Photographer_1353 Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-9731 Maryland Photographer_1352 Maryland Photographer_1351 Maryland Photographer_1350 Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-9811 Maryland Photographer_1349 Maryland Photographer_1348 Maryland Photographer_1347 Maryland Photographer_1346Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-0023 Maryland Photographer_1359 Maryland Photographer_1361 Maryland Photographer_1358Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, Blog Favorites-0023Mr. & Mrs. Freeman-0137 Maryland Photographer_1343 Maryland Photographer_1342 Maryland Photographer_1340

Crystal & James, on Film.

A beautiful Maryland estate, Equestrian touches, and two sweet people in love. Crystal & James are even more beautiful on film! xo C&J on Film-004-2 C&J on Film-002 C&J on Film-016 c&j-015c&j-013 C&J on Film-010 C&J on Film-001 C&J on Film-011 C&J on Film-009 C&J on Film-005C&J on Film-012 C&J on Film-002-2 C&J on Film-003-2 C&J on Film-001-2 C&J on Film-004 C&J on Film-008 C&J on Film-006 C&J on Film-007 C&J on Film-003

Film scans and processing: Richard Photo Lab.

Crystal & James | An Elegant Horse Farm Engagement Session.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and pleasure of spending an evening with Crystal & James. Their love is sweet and their joy infectious. Their taste in venues is also top-notch…one of the most beautiful horse farms in Maryland. Swoon. :) Enjoy these two and their beautiful love story! xo Maryland Photographer_1327 Maryland Photographer_1309 Maryland Photographer_1310 Maryland Photographer_1311 Maryland Photographer_1338 Maryland Photographer_1331 Maryland Photographer_1329Maryland Photographer_1330 Maryland Photographer_1328 Maryland Photographer_1326 Maryland Photographer_1337 Maryland Photographer_1325 Maryland Photographer_1339 Maryland Photographer_1335 Maryland Photographer_1313 Maryland Photographer_1336 Maryland Photographer_1333 Maryland Photographer_1308 Maryland Photographer_1314 Maryland Photographer_1316 Maryland Photographer_1317 Maryland Photographer_1315 Maryland Photographer_1318 Maryland Photographer_1334 Maryland Photographer_1319 Maryland Photographer_1321 Maryland Photographer_1322 Maryland Photographer_1332 Maryland Photographer_1320 Maryland Photographer_1324 Maryland Photographer_1323

Emily & Jon | Maryland Engagement Session

Emily & Jon braved the chilliest of mornings for this stunning sunrise session, and I am SO terribly glad they did. (That light, this sweet couple…to die for!) You two are joy personified and I am so honored to be a part of this special time in your lives. March cannot come soon enough – I simply can’t wait to celebrate you two as you say “I do”! xo!

Maryland Photographer_1284 Maryland Photographer_1285 Maryland Photographer_1280 Maryland Photographer_1281 Maryland Photographer_1288 Maryland Photographer_1279Maryland Photographer_1282 Maryland Photographer_1278 Maryland Photographer_1277 Maryland Photographer_1297 Maryland Photographer_1289 Maryland Photographer_1292 Maryland Photographer_1291 Maryland Photographer_1290 Maryland Photographer_1295 Maryland Photographer_1296 Maryland Photographer_1293 Maryland Photographer_1294 Maryland Photographer_1298 Maryland Photographer_1299 Maryland Photographer_1304 Maryland Photographer_1300 Maryland Photographer_1301 Maryland Photographer_1302 Maryland Photographer_1307 Maryland Photographer_1306 Maryland Photographer_1276 Maryland Photographer_1305 Maryland Photographer_1303

The Downs Family | Maryland Fine Art Photographer.

Sarah & Micah. Sweet parents, Believers, and partners. With their two precious little ones, they invited me into their home and neighborhood for this time together and it was soooo special. I treasure these four and love every one of these images – trust me when I say it doesn’t get much sweeter! xo Maryland Photographer_1273 Maryland Photographer_1271 Maryland Photographer_1274 Maryland Photographer_1272 Maryland Photographer_1270 Maryland Photographer_1269 Maryland Photographer_1275 Maryland Photographer_1268 Maryland Photographer_1257 Maryland Photographer_1265 Maryland Photographer_1264 Maryland Photographer_1263 Maryland Photographer_1262 Maryland Photographer_1261 Maryland Photographer_1259 Maryland Photographer_1260 Maryland Photographer_1258 Maryland Photographer_1256 Maryland Photographer_1255 Maryland Photographer_1254 Maryland Photographer_1252Maryland Photographer_1253
Maryland Photographer_1251 Maryland Photographer_1247 Maryland Photographer_1249 Maryland Photographer_1248 Maryland Photographer_1250 Maryland Photographer_1246

Emily & Thomas | A Classic New York City Engagement Session.

Thomas & Emily. The most sophisticated, classic, lovely couple. With a sense of style to rival the best, and as sweet as they are lovely, I feel honored to have spent this time with them.

We celebrated their engagement in New York City, nestled in the elegance of Fort Tryon Park, and the session was an amazing reflection of their love story. I love these two and cannot wait to celebrate with them on their wedding day next October! xo!Maryland Photographer_1223 Maryland Photographer_1225Blog Faves-4931-2 Maryland Photographer_1234 Maryland Photographer_1231 Maryland Photographer_1226 Maryland Photographer_1232Blog Faves-009-2 Blog Faves-5035-2 Maryland Photographer_1228 Maryland Photographer_1227Blog Faves-5031 Maryland Photographer_1235 Maryland Photographer_1236 Maryland Photographer_1233 Maryland Photographer_1240 Maryland Photographer_1237 Maryland Photographer_1243 Maryland Photographer_1242Maryland Photographer_1244 Maryland Photographer_1239 Maryland Photographer_1238

Mr. & Mrs. Papson | Woodlawn Manor Wedding Photographer.

Katie and Brian. The softest light, the loveliest venue, and the sweetest love story. I feel so honored to have been a part of this beautiful day! Beyond that, so privileged to witness the start of such an incredible marriage. Yours is a love story for the ages, congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Papson! xo!Maryland Photographer_1217 Maryland Photographer_1193 Maryland Photographer_1197 Maryland Photographer_1194 Maryland Photographer_1216 Maryland Photographer_1213 Maryland Photographer_1214 Maryland Photographer_1215 Maryland Photographer_1209 Maryland Photographer_1210 Maryland Photographer_1211 Maryland Photographer_1212 Maryland Photographer_1218 Maryland Photographer_1219 Maryland Photographer_1198 Maryland Photographer_1199 Maryland Photographer_1195 Maryland Photographer_1200 Maryland Photographer_1207 Maryland Photographer_1208 Maryland Photographer_1206 Maryland Photographer_1205 Maryland Photographer_1201 Maryland Photographer_1222 Maryland Photographer_1221 Maryland Photographer_1220 Maryland Photographer_1202 Maryland Photographer_1203 Maryland Photographer_1204 Maryland Photographer_1192

Wedding Dress: Love Couture Bridal

Florist: Arranged by the Bride

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Woodlawn Manor

Hair and Makeup: Vintage Veils

DJ and/or Band: DJ TJ (Tony Zeinoun)

Cake: Lily Magilly’s

Catering: Main Event Caterers

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Second Shooter: Hannah Bauer

Erika & Jordan, Engaged on Film.

It’s no secret I love this couple.

It’s also not difficult to see why.

Add in film and I am heaven.


E&J-011 E&J-002 E&J-013 E&J-016 E&J-014 E&J-015 E&J-012 E&J-007 E&J-008 E&J-005 E&J-009 E&J-010-2 E&J-005-2 E&J-004-2 E&J-006-2 E&J-015-2 E&J-016-2 E&J-013-2 E&J-014-2 E&J-009-2 E&J-008-2 E&J-001-2 E&J-003-2

Fuji 400H and Portra 800 film, processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Jackie.


Thryve Magazine Spread, Featuring Emily Moore.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the extraordinary Emily for her upcoming feature in “Fearless” edition of Thryve Magazine. Her essay is poignant, honest, and her spiritual journey is one for the ages. I feel so honored to have spent time with this lovely woman, and to see her gorgeous images in print!

The premise of the issue, as stated by the Thryve team says it best:

“Fear runs deep and visits every one of us. It is often the root of the things we resist, the steps untaken, and the taunting lies we allow to command our souls. This is why this issue is so important. Our prayer is that you would grab a hold of the power that you possess in Christ. God alone is unmatched by the forces that rage against you. We believe that the truth of God’s Word will break every chain and propel you into the life you have been created to live!

You’ll read stories spanning from becoming ourselves and actively cooperating with God’s intention for our lives to the strength and power of God’s never-ending love, to the way God uses community to inspire courage, to navigating the unknown, and learning what it means to place our faith in who God is, not in our what-ifs. We truly believe that you need these beautiful stories of everyday grace.”

For more information on Thryve Magazine, click here. xo!

Thryve-5201 Thryve-5197 Thryve-5218 Thryve-5207

Erika & Jordan | An Equestrian, Countryside Engagement Session.

Erika & Jordan. Two people with hearts of gold and so much love for each other. This session was a joy (my love for anything Equestrian is no secret!), and I loved every moment. Congratulations on your engagement,  your sweet Vineyard wedding celebration cannot come soon enough! xo Maryland Photographer_1161 Maryland Photographer_1165 Maryland Photographer_1163 Maryland Photographer_1164 Maryland Photographer_1166 Maryland Photographer_1167 Maryland Photographer_1169 Maryland Photographer_1171 Maryland Photographer_1173 Maryland Photographer_1170 Maryland Photographer_1172 Maryland Photographer_1168 Maryland Photographer_1174 Maryland Photographer_1176 Maryland Photographer_1175 Maryland Photographer_1177 Maryland Photographer_1179 Maryland Photographer_1178 Maryland Photographer_1180 Maryland Photographer_1181 Maryland Photographer_1182 Maryland Photographer_1184 Maryland Photographer_1183 Maryland Photographer_1185 Maryland Photographer_1186 Maryland Photographer_1187 Maryland Photographer_1188 Maryland Photographer_1189 Maryland Photographer_1190 Maryland Photographer_1191