Baby Liam is 6 Months Old!

As a new Momma, I have gotten used to hearing others explain how quickly babies grow up. I am here to say…it’s faster than you could ever imagine! It is hard to believe that our little Liam is a chubby, giggly, wildddd 6 month old! He is, as you have seen, my absolute favorite photography subject and I am surprised he hasn’t started believing his Mother is a giant, black camera lens. :)

How lucky am I to have such handsome men in my life?!?!

Such a little man!!!

LOVES holding onto something new.

Daddy and baby toes…my heart just exploded.

Who doesn’t love a good raspberry?!

All I have to say is…. “Awwww!!!”

Playing already…can this be considered wrestling?

Wild Men!!!

He is still so very small.

Itty bitty, active, fingers. :)

These are the moments I wonder if he thinks his Mother is a camera lens…

We LOVE Sophie…

…AND lots of bedtime stories!

Happy half-birthday, you little Goob!!! xo

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