The Handsome Baby Thad.

When Anya, Thad’s beautiful Momma, was expecting him, she strongly felt his sweet and gentle personality. In fact, these characteristics so closely mirrored her husband Ken, that she felt a unique connection with his little soul. When he arrived, they gave him the name Thad, meaning “dear to my heart,” a title that certainly reflects Anya’s love for this little boy and his adoration right back! It was so fun to see the sweet calmness about her and the relationships she shares with each of her children, all unique and special. While I was getting many of the individual shots of Thad, Anya was not only playing with three of her other little ones, but keeping my little man (who was along for the ride) company and happy…can you say super Mom?! :)

Anya, you have a gorgeous family! Thank you for allowing me to capture some of the “sweetness” that is your little boy!

Oh, the gloriousness that are baby toes!

Sweetest expressions! This little boy has such a personality!!!


So precious!

Missing his Momma!

I love moments like this…little snippets of what being a little one is all about.

All better. Oh, do I love this photo of you two!

Sweet Momma snuggles.

I snapped this as Anya and I chatted. She is such a natural and her little one is beyond comfortable in her arms…

A perfect moment.

This sweet little man made my day, thanks so much for sharing him with me!!! xoxo

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