Weekly Favorites {8.28.12}

My photography journey began as I started to enjoy photographing my favorites. More often than not, such favorite things are the commonplace. Simple and everyday, I tend to overlook and often take them for granted! As a result, I found that capturing them in a pretty photograph is a way I can truly express my appreciation. I know, it may seem silly that I am professing my love for a bunch of carrots, a few flowers, or a new bottle of nail polish. However, such interests are what make me, “me” and this blog is out there for you to see just that! :)

 Below are just a few of the things that brought joy to my week. I would love to hear about your faves as well!!

xo, Mary

This little beauty became a member of our family (haha!) last week! It is quite the upgrade for me and I am loving each shot I take with it. What a blessing technology is, right?! :)

This shot was not from this week, but one I discovered when editing images from a beach trip in July. It perfectly captures my total, head-over-heels, LOVE for baby toes.

A bunch of organic Lancaster County carrots, picked just this morning by my favorite Amish farmer. I think I shall roast them and drizzle with some butter/balsamic glaze. (I snagged these babies during my weekly to trip to Lancaster Central Market…if you haven’t been, you’re missing out!)

The sweetness that is our Loki pup.

Some cute bargain blossoms…again, a delightful find at Market!

Fresh flowers are a love of mine and when we have them, I love strategically placing bunches throughout my house.

Crown Molding. I know, this seems totally random…because it totally is. All homeowners know about/have a ‘To-Do List’, and putting up Crown has been in the back of mind since the day we signed on our house. As you can see, it is UP (!!!) and we love it.

Now onto the 4,743 other home projects rolling around in my brain. :)

A delicious (and delightful!) new library book! A cookbook all about:

“Good, uncomplicated food for the sustainable table.”


“With 300 recipes none of them extravagant.”

I can’t WAIT to dig into this one…

Ohhhh la la!!!

As promised, a lovely purple nail polish to properly ring in the fall weather!!! I love being a girl.

Essie: Recessionista

I hope everyone has a delightful week!!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites {8.28.12}

  1. Mary, we now have the same camera! Welcome to the club. It’s a little heavy for my arthritic hands, but I love it.

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