The Powell Family. {September 2012}

I have known the Powell family for a few years, and each time we visit my admiration for them grows, as do their 5 beautiful children! I so enjoyed watching them work and play together as a family, a way of loving each other that is obvious to all that know them. Joanna and Brian, thank you for sharing your afternoon and lovely bunch with me! Because of families like you, my job is a fabulous one!

I LOVE kids at play.

Such beautiful family moments together!

Never a dull moment! :)

Joanna, you are such a beautiful Momma! Your love just flows right through the camera.

(If I didn’t know her, and you told me this woman had 5 children, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, believe you. So naturally gorgeous!)

Sweet giggles.

Such a handsome (and polite!) bunch of young men.

The boys! Brian, I so enjoyed watching you play with your little ones. It is obvious how much they adore you!

There is no better sound than children laughing, am I right?! :)

Oh, I love these of you two! Perfection!

I can hardly stand the cuteness!!!

These boys love their Momma and it was SO fun to watch.

I BEYOND love this one.

What is it about Dad’s and their little girls that just make me go all to mush?! :)

When I asked Joanna to bring things that the kids enjoyed, I expected a few toys, a favorite blanket, etc.. Instead, they included a sweet and calm beauty from their brood of chickens!

Having had chicks myself when I was young, she brought back such fun memories and made the shoot all the more fun!

Such a beautiful, sweet young lady! A pleasure, both inside and out.

Such fun!!!

Brothers! (Or should I say, partners in crime? :))

Perhaps the last bare feet of the season and too fun not to share!

Thank you, Powell family for the pleasure of capturing your precious bunch! It was a joy beyond words!



Shoot location: Mistyglenn Farm

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