For me, photography began as a hobby … something that brought me great joy and also captured precious family moments. Though it has grown into a business, I still strive to keep that “hobby” feel and fresh attitude of excitement at the center of my work. Photography is a release, a creative outlet and a community that I love. My main supporter in this venture is, of course, my husband. It is fantastic to find something you enjoy, but a total blessing to find it and then have someone you love be just as excited about it as you are yourself! This support has helped me see the importance of having a mutual respect of each other’s interests and how, it  in turn works towards growing a happy marriage. Basically, you don’t have to love or be passionate about what your spouse/significant other enjoys, but just share in, acknowledge and encourage their involvement.

On that note, I recently spent some time in the woods with Michael, watching him explore the woods where he bow hunts during the fall and winter. Though I am not out there sitting in trees with him, I do enjoy hearing about the time he spends relaxing and waiting for the perfect moment/shot. It was so fun to finally match a physical place to the excitement I have been hearing so much about!

The combination of two hobbies…

Whether you get a deer or not, you’re still my fave! :)


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