Baby Hunter & Holtz Family. {October 2012}

I knew Patti when I was young. Young, as in grade school (or before!) young. Our parents are wonderful friends and I remember many fabulous summer evenings with her family, most often spent fishing…at least I was! :) When we caught up on Facebook many years later, it was fun to hear that she had met a fabulous gentleman (Jeff!), gotten married and was expecting little “H”. Hunter, their happy, healthy little man was born last November and has been charming the pants off of Patti’s family (and Facebook followers!) ever since.

Obviously, I was THRILLED when Patti contacted me to do Hunter’s 1st birthday pictures and family shoot. I mean, just take a look at those cheeks, those eyes, that smile….love!! We met at Forge Hill Orchards, in Mount Wolf, PA and it was a perfectly gorgeous evening in the apple orchard. I had such a fabulous time and couldn’t have asked for a more sweet and easygoing family. Oh, and as you will see, Hunter is rather fabulous as well.


I adore fall light.

Cutest. Ever.

A book worm in the works? :)


Hunter was so interested in the orchard, exploring all that he could get his hands on! Such a fun, busy little man.

Daddy love.

I heard that this little boy took his first steps just a day after this was taken! What (wild!) fun!

Most adorable little monkey!!

Such a beautiful family!

Jeff and Patti brought along their ‘other’ child, Nittany a sweet little black lab. I wish I could photograph such well behaved pups all the time! What a doll!

Though they are both angelic here, Hunter loves to crawl all over Nittany and it doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. Oh, the love between a boy and his dog.

Pretty girl!

Jeff and his pup.

All of us dog owners know that they are as big a part of our families as our children! :)

Patti, you are such a gorgeous, glowing Momma!

So proud. So precious.

So much love in this family!

Jeff and Hunter soon discovered a fun wooden ladder…

As Pittsburgh Steeler fans, Jeff and Patti bought Hunter a child’s size Jersey and will photograph him in it as he grows. Franchise poster child?! :)

Happy birthday, little Hunter!

Thank you so very much Holtz family! I hope to see you all again soon!!



Shoot location: Forge Hill Orchards

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