Baby Randolph & Co. {October 2012}

Kim so kindly befriended me on a crisp fall Sunday last year. New to Lancaster and new members of our church, and it was a sweet surprise to have a fun, young, fellow Mom coming to say “Hello!”. With her warm smile and outgoing personality, I soon realized that I had met a wonderful new friend! Since then, I have enjoyed walks, chats, and bouts of laughter with Kim and look forward to many more! Trust me when I say that this Momma is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside, a true blessing to those around her.

It was no surprise that when she told me that she and her husband Matt were expecting their second little one (you will soon meet Cooper, their little man!), I couldn’t contain my squeals of delight! Baby Girl Randolph (YES! A little girl! :)) will arrive soon and we are all anxious to welcome her into the world.

Much love, Randolph family! xo


We had our shoot on a beautiful fall evening, surrounded by some of the oldest trees in Lancaster City. Such fun!

Cooper, who turned 2 this spring, is such a handsome little man! Love!!!

Oh, to know the thoughts of little boys. :)

Kim, you are such a fun Momma! I love this one of you!


What is it about Daddies and their girls?! Adore!

A most perfect baby bump.

So much love waits for you, Baby Girl!

Shoot Location: President¬†James Buchanan’s Wheatland

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