Denamarie & Bill : Engaged

College brings all kinds of people together. The bookworm rooms with the wild child, the soccer player befriends the art major. Denamarie (Dena, to me!) and I were never roomies, but we certainly met in college and had some glorious fun together! Sometimes I can’t believe those years are behind us, but thanks to social media you never have to fall far out of touch. Since graduating, she had met and started dating Bill, was living/working near Philadelphia and still had Landon, her adorable 90+ pounds of puppy. Still, something was missing…

Dena was clueless as Bill selected and purchased “the ring” and proceeded to show it off to Dena’s entire family at a picnic this past summer. How he managed to keep everyone in line and not let the secret slip, I will never know!! The next day, during a quiet afternoon at home together, he proposed while Landon watched (and, of course, gave them his approval!). It was so fabulous to hear of their engagement and was even more exciting when Dena asked me to shoot their wedding and engagement session! Most of all, I was excited to meet Bill, the man that would be taking care of my adorable friend! Dena – I approve!! :)

These two are so fabulous together, and our time was filled with laughter and excitement, thinking of their lives together. I am thrilled for you two and also to share these moments between a most sweet (and hysterical!) couple.

Sweet moments!!!

Dena! Those eyelashes! Stop it!!! ;)

Bill made me laugh when he said that this session was the most attention (from Dena) he has gotten in a long time. HA! Such a riot.

Such a fun door…and couple!


So perfect.

Such a gorgeous ring!! Fabulous job, Bill!

Ladies like this one make my job sooooo easy. You are stunning, Dena!


I can’t help but laugh at this one…:)



I loved seeing you both so happy together!

Bill is so head-over-heels for this girl. I love it.

A favorite! 

Pure joy.

Cutest boots!!!

Dena and Bill, I am so honored that you have chosen me to capture this special time! I hope this shoot and images bring you as much joy as they have to me!

Much Love!



4 thoughts on “Denamarie & Bill : Engaged

  1. mary, thank you for being a part of our engagement. we are absolutely thrilled with the photos!

    you are a very talented woman!

  2. Mary the pictures are just fabulous you are amazing and very talented these pictures definatly tell a story of two people much in love.

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