Baby Chamberland.

We all have those special friends that bring joy to your day. The ones that no matter how busy life gets/how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, can pick up right where you left off.  Linda is one of those delights in my life. A true supporter and dear friend. Plus, how stinkin’ CUTE is she?! Seriously adorable. I was thrilled to hear that she and her husband, Adam were expecting their first little one earlier this year and am so excited to meet their new baby girl, who is to arrive later this month. YAY!!!

Linda and Adam, you will make amazing parents and I can’t wait to snuggle this little peanut!! Thank you for the opportunity to capture your adorable bump! xo

Baby Chamberland-8563Baby Chamberland-8661

So beautiful and glowing!!!

Baby Chamberland-8595


Baby Chamberland-8591

So quick to laugh. This little girl will be blessed with such a joyful home!!

Baby Chamberland-8662Baby Chamberland-8619Baby Chamberlain-8565

Precious, tiny slippers!

Baby Chamberland-8603Baby Chamberland-8590

Linda, I SO love this one of you! You are gorgeous!

Baby Chamberland-8694

I’ll say it for you…..awwwww!!

Much love, Baby Chamberland!


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