Baby SJ, 8 Days Old.

I loveeee newborn photo shoots. Those first weeks are precious and fleeting as babies grow so quickly. I find few things sweeter than wrinkled toes, fuzzy arms, sleepy eyes, and swaddled snuggles….perfection! When I visited SJ and his fabulous parents, Cait and Matt, I had an afternoon full of delight. This new family is a wonderful one – welcoming, relaxed and totally loving their new addition. A perfect (early!) Christmas gift, if I say so myself! Baby SJ was so easygoing…content and alert, always aware of where his Momma was. I can tell already that he is a smart one! :)

I don’t usually use black & white for the majority of my images, but the simple beauty of a newborn made for just such an occasion.

Cait and Matt, thank you so very much for allowing me to spend this time with you and your adorable little man!

Baby SJ-9555

So beautiful and so loved!

Baby SJ-9688

Baby SJ-9525 Baby SJ-9713

SJ was always busy taking in the world around him. What a little man!

Baby SJ-9697

The ‘S’ in SJ stand for Samuel, and this sweet wooden duck used to be Cait’s! So fun!

Baby SJ-9686

Love the fuzzy little arms!

Baby SJ-9399

This little one knew his Momma and was happiest in her arms. Cait, you are beautiful!

Baby SJ-9335 Baby SJ-9660 Baby SJ-9563-2

My favorite tiny parts of this little one…

Baby SJ-9532 Baby SJ-9660-4 Baby SJ-9581 Baby SJ-9548

I’m such a sucker for tiny toes.

Baby SJ-9661

Missing his Momma!

Baby SJ-9656-2

This shot was Matt’s idea and I love it! These toes won’t be so tiny for long!

Baby SJ-9643-2

Above is a favorite! I love Daddies and their boys.

Baby SJ-9639-3 Baby SJ-9509

SJ’s big brother Jude came to say ‘Hello!’

Baby SJ-9498

Now you are a beautiful family of three! :)

(Plus Jude, of course!)

Baby SJ-9488 Baby SJ-9460

I love this of you, Cait! You are already a wonderful Momma!

Baby SJ-9456

Brand new!

Baby SJ-9603

The progression of a stretch…

Baby SJ-9604 Baby SJ-9605-2 Baby SJ-9722

Such sweet details in this home, so ready and excited for baby.

Congratulations, Matt and Cait and welcome to the world, little SJ!



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