Congratulations, Yoga Instructor!

Happy Tuesday! Though this is my business page, I have a wonderful family that I love to share…and at times brag about (because I think they are fabulous!). :) This past weekend, my Mom graduated from an extremely intensive and prestigious Pranakriya Yoga (200 hour) training program! Almost every other weekend, starting this past summer, she has been traveling to Candler Park Yoga, an institute in Atlanta, GA, to learn and study. She completed her training with flying colors and is now certified to instruct others!!! I love that she found something that she was passionate about and pursued it! Growing up, I learned much from her and must say that my decision to pursue photography was also due to her encouragement and support.

Mom, I am excited for you and so proud of you! Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!! I can’t wait to have some yoga time together soon! xo

Yoga Mom

Photo by Kathleen Thompson, April 2012. 

Kathleen is a wonderful friend and instructor to my Mom, as well as a great encouragement to her in this journey! Her studio (in Mansfield, PA) information can be found here.

Yoga Liam-

Of course, Liam loves his Yoga too. Like Grandma, like Grandson! :)

Love you, Mom!

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