Baby Lucy, 12 Days Old.

Ohhh this little lady is doozy. A total squeal-out-loud-because-she-is-too-perfect-and-beyond-cute, doozy. As a photographer, one of my greatest pleasures is in capturing a little one as they grow. When that starts with maternity pictures of their Mommas, well, I enjoy it even more!!! You may remember the Randolphs, as I did Kim’s fall “baby bump” photo shoot earlier this year. It is no surprise that she is as gorgeous as a new Momma as she was expecting little Lucy. As for the little star of the shoot, what a doll. She has such a little personality…snuggling when happy, making it known when she was hungry, and all while looking just so stinkin’ adorable!

I had such a wonderful morning with these two ladies!! Enjoy!

Baby Lucy-9933-2

Lucy Mylin

December 8, 2012

6 lbs. 15 oz.

20 1/4″ long

Baby Lucy-9974

It is so easy to forget how small our little ones begin! Soon, Kim, she will be holding your hands!! :)

Baby Lucy-0075 Baby Lucy-0018-2

The sweet hat was made for Lucy by a friend of Kim’s. So perfect!

Baby Lucy-0092

A soft new teddy bear was a gift to Lucy from her Big Brother, Cooper!

Baby Lucy-0034-2

This gorgeous blanket (above and below) has been in Kim’s family for years and was even used for Kim when she was an infant!

Baby Lucy-0061

Baby Lucy-0086

This lovely (and pink! :)) quilt was also Kim’s and she had it re-quilted for Lucy. I love seeing such special things being passed down from generation to generation!

Baby Lucy-9936 Baby Lucy-9981 Baby Lucy-9962-2

Above is a favorite! What a peanut!

Baby Lucy-0104

It is so fun seeing so much pink in your house now, Kim! :)

Baby Lucy-0010

Lucy loved to sleep with her hands by her face, often gripping her Nook.

Baby Lucy-9986

Congratulations, Kim and Matt!! She is perfection!



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