Baby Emilie, One Week Old.

The last time we saw Baby Emilie, she was ‘Baby Chamberland’ in these maternity pictures of her gorgeous Momma, Linda. Though she was adorable as a “baby bump,” I had the pleasure of capturing her as she is now – a most beautiful and sweet little lady! Born on Christmas Eve, she arrived a few days early…talk about an amazing Christmas gift!!

When I arrived on her first week birthday, she was snuggled up with her Momma…simply perfect. In addition to being stunningly gorgeous, her easy-going personality was quickly obvious! She curled right up and fell asleep as soon as we laid her down, not paying the slightest bit of attention to Linda or I as we “oohed” and “ahhhed” alllll over her. As you will see, she is certainly a most photogenic peanut! Linda and her husband, Adam, are already such wonderful parents, so laid back and adoring. Emilie is very lucky to have joined such a wonderful family…now of THREE! I am thrilled for you, Chamberlands, and look forward to watching this little miracle of yours grow!

Congratulations!! xo

Baby Emilie-0772

A sweet room of teal and pinks.

Baby Emilie-0804

Emilie Claire Chamberland

December 24, 2012 – 2:39 pm

7 bs. 1 oz. – 21″ long.

Baby Emilie-0822

LOVE the pink.

Baby Emilie-0844 Baby Emilie-0837

Baby Emilie-0807-2Baby Emilie-0826 Baby Emilie-0846-2 Baby Emilie-0863

Linda you are so stunning! Such a natural Momma!

Baby Emilie-0871 Baby Emilie-0868 Baby Emilie-0915

A perfect family of three!

Baby Emilie-0897

Daddy Love.

Baby Emilie-0924-2Baby Emilie-0905-2 Baby Emilie-0892

Checking out the world…Baby Emilie-0941

…and back to sleep.

Baby Emilie-0884

Welcome to the world, Emilie Claire!



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