10 on 10. January Edition.

This year, I have decided to undertake a “10 on 10” project! Each month, on the 10th, I will take and post 10 images to encapsulate that day. I feel that I am (and always will be!) learning and growing as a photographer, so I am excited to see what this challenge will teach me!! In addition, as a Mom, I love the idea of making a concerted effort to truly capture an average moment and day in time.

One of my favorite parts of the day is going into the Little Man’s room after I hear him just waking from his nap. We are both (usually! :)) rested and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for us. It is as if all slates have been wiped clean (I don’t mind being up with him 4 times last night, and he has forgotten that I wouldn’t let him play in the toilet…alas!). Plus, having that little smile so ready and waiting for ME is a feeling like no other. I thought I would share these precious moments of our January 10th with you! Hope it makes you smile!! xo

Liam 11 Months-0992-2

The jumping begins as soon as I open the door…

Liam 11 Months-1011 Liam 11 Months-1017

Crossed toes and cruddy little fingernails.

Liam 11 Months-1024

Ohhhhhh. I melt.

Liam 11 Months-1029

Very expressive these days…

Liam 11 Months-1042 Liam 11 Months-1046 Liam 11 Months-1088

A (rare) quiet moment.

Liam 11 Months-1127

..and we are off!

Enjoy and capture your ordinary moments!



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