A (Momma) Photographer’s Priorities.

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to many of you that I, myself, am a Momma. That little boy, I have to admit, owns me in every amazing way. Most of what I put out here for all to see is my work, my clients, and my joy in working with them. I wouldn’t do what I do without the amazing people who ( that I still feel so blessed have selected ME!) you see on my website and this blog. They all speak differently into my life and I feel so honored to have been welcomed into capturing a special time in theirs! Nevertheless, taking photos of my little one is how my business began and is one of my greatest joys. As I learned more and more, and my business began to have more of a presence, I found myself taking fewer pictures of my own baby because I knew the light wasn’t the best where he was playing, or I was downloading images off of my camera and it was therefore inaccessible. Basically, I almost halted photographing him because I was afraid that the images weren’t going to be perfect. The exposure was going to be wrong, the light was too yellow, my lens is too limited, the excuses just kept piling up!

Luckily, I had an “Ah-Ha” moment, as I looked back through images of my little one I had taken on my iPhone just after he was born. Back then, I was so not concerned with picture quality, and more on capturing this little miracle that had just entered our lives…basically, I had my priorities straight! After being brought to my senses, I started making a concerted effort to capture this little man as he WAS. No matter the light, no matter how dirty his clothes, how messing his hands, etc. Sometimes my camera is there and I use it. When it isn’t, or I am in a place where a huge DSLR is inappropriate/abnormal (ha!) I always have my iPhone with me and just use that. (I download/backup my phone multiple times during the week because if I don’t, I run out of space….literally. It won’t let me take another image! :)) It may seem silly, but I feel empowered again. I was so afraid of creating a bad image and because of that, I was missing precious moments! Now, I don’t stress out about pictures being blurry, out of focus, or whatever. The image is what it is, and just like my little guy, I accept them for what they are. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love and treasure those pictures I have “set-up” in the brightest room in the house, in my favorite cute outfit in the snow, etc. I won’t stop taking “professional” images all-together, I will just approach those as a supplement to the real-deal. I also find myself preferring to work with my phone camera as it allows me to truly interact with my little guy, making eye contact, smiling, talking back and forth – things a bulky DSLR limit!

My priority is knowing and loving my child, not forcing and potentially losing a moment for the perfect picture.

I want to share some of my favorite pictures I have taken (with my iPhone, some with Instagram filters, some without) that are not technically “perfect”. In addition, I want all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family and friends of all kinds, to be encouraged to see a moment and to capture it, no matter what the result may be. Cellphone cameras (among others) are amazing these days and you should be as excited to produce your own moments as you would be to have a professional do the same.

image_1 copy

Playing “swords” with wooden spoons and Daddy.


“Running” in his jumper chair. This picture is soooo blurry…but that is because he is soooo wild! It captures his movement, which I love.


Not wild about yogurt.


One of the last times he fit in this infant car seat. Passed right out.

image_3 copy

LOVE the eyebrow. Fave.


Somehow, little boys figure it is a good idea to have feet up on the ‘table.’ This is something that we still deal with at meals. :)


I came into the kitchen one evening (you know the drill, I was gone for 30 seconds…) and he had emptied a drawer of these disposable aluminum pans. We still have a few crushed ones floating around the house.


The faces I get at meal times. Priceless.


Learning to walk in Monster jammies.

photo-4 copy

Puppy Love.

ALL of the pictures above are incredibly meaningful to me. They tell a story of WHO my little boy really is, not just focusing on making him look perfectly posed and put together.

If I leave you with one thing, let it be….

Feel empowered to take every picture you can!!!

Trust me, I learned the hard way that you can’t afford to not!



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