Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfection.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. A classic. A recipe we all know and always tastes the same…right?! False. I was never a huge fan of the variety (unless fresh from the oven and still gooey warm), until my sweet friend Lauren (who also happens to be a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America) suggested the New York Time’s version. When Lauren suggests a recipe, ingredient, etc. I pay attention. The lady knows her stuff and everything she touches turns into culinary delight! (Miss you, and your new kitchen looks amazing L.!! :)) I attempted the recipe, doubting that (almost) the same ingredients used in previous recipes could yield better results. Suffice it to say my efforts were GREATLY rewarded and once again, Lauren had saved the day. These cookies are, in a word, ¬†phenomenal. Think a gourmet, grown-up version of childhood….but better. The bite from the sprinkle of sea salt, the rich dark chocolate chunks….mmmmmm!

As the NYT says, “Eat warm, with a big napkin.”

That’s what I do! :)

Cookies-1249 Cookies-1247 Cookies-1258

*Note: For chocolate, I use (per Lauren’s instruction) Trader Joe’s “Pound Plus, 72% Dark” Chocolate Bar, chopped. I have also used AP flour instead of cake flour and results were still delicious, just not as pillowy soft. :)

Have a great Monday, all!


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