Liam is ONE!

The day has come. My baby is no longer a “baby”…as of Sunday we officially are parents of a wild, inquisitive, sweet, hysterical TODDLER. Wow, it’s amazing how fleeting time is and I enjoy every moment I have with him. Saturday we threw a little party, a Mustache Bash to be more specific, in honor of the big day! I always call Liam “my little man” so the theme was appropriate and, come on, who doesn’t love a good mustache?! :) One year-old parties are more for the adults than for the kiddos, but I know he had a wonderful time being fussed over and we enjoyed hosting the people who have made his first year so special. He is one lucky and MUCH LOVED little boy!!

Here are some snippets from the  from day, hope you enjoy! :)


I am NOT a crafty person. But I (pleasantly) surprised myself as I was creating the mustache garland and enjoying myself! Maybe there IS hope for me…:)


I can’t beat my favorite brand of store-bought salsa, but the hummus and guacamole are best home-made.


The cardamom bread used in these sandwiches is a recipe my Mom used to make when I was little…I still remember the house smelling spicy and sweet! I made a few loaves for these finger sandwiches and my home had the same amazing aroma…what a treat! We used peach jam I made this summer with peaches picked with Liam, his Aunt Jamie and Cousin Myla!

(Thanks, Mom for assembling and so beautifully arranging these! xo)


Liam has fabulous Italian heritage so we included a traditional favorite!

(Uncle Patrick and Emily, you two made these looks so much better than I ever could have!! :))


Barefoot Contessa’s Carrot Cake made me feel slightly less guilty for Liam’s inevitable sugar overload…when veggies are included all else is voided out, right?!

One!-1574 One!-1579

This little black car was made by Liam’s Great-Grandfather and given to me at my baby shower. It is one of his favorite toys now!


What is a mustache bash without adhesive mustaches for guests?


This cookie recipe is from Liam’s Great-Grandmother, and is a staple at all special family events.


In our family, special recipes carry great meaning! These tarts were created using Liam’s Great-Great-Grandmother’s Recipe for Lemon Pie Filling.

My Dad helped me fill and top them…he has skills, eh?! :)

One!-1598 One!-1611

Some more of those amazing local peaches we picked this past summer!

One!-1603 One!-1606

My husband cut out these felt mustaches for each straw…each one was a different shape and “style.”


This is PA! He is Liam’s Great-Grandfather, who crafted the little wooden car I talked about above. He is amazing…91 and still riding his motorcycle, bowling in a bowling league (his scores always blow me away!), going for hikes, and being goofy at his Great-Grandson’s 1st birthday party!


Of course, Liam was spoiled by all of his friends and family. This book was a gift from my parents, as it was a favorite of ours when my brother and I were little. I still remember being hysterical over this underwear-clad super hero. Every kid needs a little silly bathroom humor. :)


What’s a first birthday party without some tears, and loads of cake smashing?!

(Shout out to Daddy who whisked this little crud-ball away, coated in frosting, and returned him to the party minutes later – freshly bathed and looking cuter than ever!)


Grande and Pops Neumann!! :)


4 Generations of Neumann Men! (Plus, amazing Pa!)


My fabulous Parents! xo

Such big thanks to all of those special people in our lives that have made this first year an amazing one. It takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t ask for a better one! :)


Mary, Michael and (TODDLER!) Liam

7 thoughts on “Liam is ONE!

  1. Mary you did such an amazing job with this party…he is certainly loved and celebrated!!! So sad to have missed it…can’t wait to see you all soon :)

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