Josey, January 2013.

I LOVE it when people you knew (and enjoyed!) in the past come back to you! Josey and I went to school together, and though our majors were quite different (me Corporate Communications and she Music) we had the same group of friends, which is how we met. I instantly knew she was fabulous and so enjoyed her sweet and bubbly personality. We graduated, moved away and lost touch. Boooo! When we moved to Lancaster I saw that she too was living here (thanks, Facebook!) and we vowed to get together. Luckily for me, I got to see her, chat, and catch up all while shooting her new headshots! She has been in some amazing local plays and I can’t WAIT to see what she makes it into next…any production would be lucky to have such a beauty and talent!

Love ya, lady! xo

Josey Miller-2147

Those eyes! Amazing!

Josey Miller Headshots-2268 Josey Miller Headshots-2282 Josey Miller Headshots-2164 Josey Miller Headshots-2287 Josey Miller-2338 Josey Miller-2375 Josey Miller-2395 Josey Miller-2403

Josey, thanks for being amazing!

Have a fabulous weekend, all! xo

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