Liam, One Year Old.

As you saw in his birthday post, my little man is ONE! To supplement my “everyday” photographs of Liam, I love to periodically go to a fun location and have a mini shoot to capture what and who he is at that stage.  Last week, we had a rare day where the temperature reached the mid 60’s! What a treat! I saw the thermometer climbing, packed the little guy and his new red wagon into the car and off we went! I loved getting these first “official” images of him walking and he loved running around in gravel and mud. (Like I said, it is my job to capture him as he is…I love seeing the muddy, wrinkled jeans and dirty little hands.)

Liam, you are such a sweet and happy little boy, a true gift from God! What a little man you are becoming! Love! :)

Liam is ONE!-2408

At first not very pleased…

Liam is ONE!-2489

…but then he took off. :)

Liam is ONE!-2480 Liam is ONE!-2488 Liam is ONE!-2515 Liam is ONE!-2516 Liam is ONE!-2446 Liam is ONE!-2495 Liam is ONE!-2522 Liam is ONE!-2542

Yes, that is my lens cap. :)



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