10 on 10. February Edition.

Happy Monday! As I am sure you have noticed, today is the 11th, meaning my 10 on 10 is late this month!! AHH! I decided to take the weekend off from all “work” related things, and as a result chose to compose this month’s post a bit differently! I took pictures throughout the last few days and am including them here. We had a few “homestyle” meals to warm up chilly nights, went on a walk through the park, enjoyed playing with new birthday toys, and I even had some time to myself. Wahoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and enjoy a small look into mine! :)

Liam's Tears-2654

We usually have a few tears when nap time is over.

10 on 10 Feb 2013-2678

A few hours spent playing with new (birthday!) blocks.

He still doesn’t prefer to push the towers we build over, but instead carefully takes each one off, one at a time.

Feb 2013-2675

Love his intensity. (And single pointed toe.)

Liam Feb 2013-2710

I had some alone time to organize and add to my inspiration board…a rare opportunity! :)

Liam Feb 2013-2854

A family walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.


I finally got this fabulous guy in my sights…my handsome hubby, of course!

Michael-2930 Liam Feb 2013-2828

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Liam Feb 2013-2840 Michael-2958

And for the first time in a long time, I was in front of the camera and not behind it!

(The Hubby has skills, eh?! :))


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