The Simple Things: Emotion.

Happy Tuesday, all! :) Along with my 10 on 10 posts (the first two can be seen here and here) that I will use to challenge myself this year, I have decided to add another “series” here on the blog…The Simple Things. For me, this is what photography is really about. In my humble opinion, the best photographers capture the essence of a subject, can tell a story with one picture, and make the viewer feel as if they are a part (physically and emotionally) of the image. Such ability is certainly harder said than done and I work every day to learn and grow in this area.

This perspective, seeing the Simple Things, is not about all of the “technical” know-how involved in photography. (Of course, it is important to know your equipment so that you may develop your own personal style! Much of my time is/was spent learning the ins and outs of my camera!) It is more about the photographer being able to understand how other people interact, learn, and love while uniquely capturing their personality in a single frame. Many small, simple things make up who we are and what makes up the world around us. Once you start looking, it is impossible to not be in awe of what we and this glorious place are all about!

This month, I was challenged to look for and capture Emotion.

My favorite little boy was the perfect subject…there is never a shortage of emotion when it comes to this fabulous personality! Joy over a new toy or favorite kind of cheese, tears over having to sit still or not being allowed to play in the dog’s water. The occasions are endless and I love every moment of learning who he is. In this case, frustration because I didn’t make it upstairs quickly enough after he awoke from his nap.

These tears were quickly wiped away and forgotten, as I hope they always will be.

Liam's Tears-2648

Liam's Tears-2654



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