Business Cards & Bows.

Mondays are usually a day of regrouping for me. I like to treat weekends as a break for the whole family..including myself. As a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mom, this can result in Mondays presenting me with a mess of a house, piles of laundry and loads of images to upload and edit. While the abundance of work makes the beginning of the week fly by, it is never as fun as the weekend. I know you all get it. Weekends rock, Mondays not so much. :) As a result, I try to find a few little things to look forward to and enjoy specifically on Mondays…here are a couple of things that brightened the beginning of my week.

Happy Monday!!!

Business Cards-3383

After months of researching, designing, agonizing, and waiting….my business cards have arrived!!! Love them.

Business Cards-3388

I first discovered letterpress when creating my wedding invitations and haven’t looked back since. There is just something about that soft, heavyweight paper and the texture of imprinted text. Ahhhh. :)

Weekly Favorites-3350

Oh, and just because I didn’t even TRY to coordinate all of this and did…favorite shoes.

I mean, seriously…what’s more fun than bows on a grown-up?!


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