10 on 10. March Edition.

Here we are again. The 10th hit on a weekend so I’m posting a day late…maybe I would have better luck if I just made this 11 on 11?! :) Alas! Nevertheless, I have actually enjoyed these last two editions of 10 on 10 because I was able to squeeze and summarize an entire weekend into this post instead of a single day. These last few days were amazing for us. Spring is COMING and it finally felt like it outside – 50’s and sunny allll weekend. Huzzah! One of my favorite things in the entire world is waking up to the sun streaming through our windows, seeing blue skies while still waking up, and listening to birds chirping outside. It never gets old. EVER.

Friday night however, was just for me! I made a little road trip to Virginia to spend the evening with Abby Grace and Rebekah, as well as many other amazing photography colleagues. Abby and Rebekah are amazing at what they do, and I learned so much from our short time together. Saturday-Sunday we spent some much-needed family time at the park (Liam experienced his first playground), explored an old one-room schoolhouse, I started to teach my hubby how to shoot using my backup DSLR (woot, woot!), shared the first milkshake of the season, and basically just did everything we possibly could outside…because we finally could. Below are, of course, photos to sum it all up. I encourage you to join in my challenge of 10 on 10, and focus on capturing and enjoying the things that make up a normal day (or weekend!) in your life. It has given me so much joy to focus my attention on small gifts and glories.

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your week…Happy Monday!!


Such a fun and informative evening of collaboration and learning. I have realized how important it is to network and follow other photographers as you develop in your skill and as a business. These ladies (and gentleman!) I met Friday were nothing but supportive and amazing. I feel so blessed to have spent time with them all. Abby and Rebekah…THANK YOU!!

Liam in the Park-3787-2

I love taking photos that show how very small he still is.

Liam in the Park-3863

Chocolate milkshake treat. Note the chocolate under-lip-stache. :)

(P.S. No, he did not get that whole thing to himself…ha!)

Liam in the Park-3839

This amazingly original one-room schoolhouse was so fun to explore. I loved imagining it in its glory days and the children that used to learn and play here.

Liam in the Park-3880 Liam in the Park-3919

His first “go” at a playground was a fabulous success. :)

Liam in the Park-3948



P.S. Ok, so there are 12 pictures in this post….oops! Can I just say the day late just makes me totally lose it?! :)

3 thoughts on “10 on 10. March Edition.

  1. Mary!!! First of all- what an amazing idea for a blog series!! Second- your baby boy? Oh my goodness. So adorable. I especially love that picture of him looking up at that tree! So many frame-worthy pictures in this post! Also- totally want to explore that one-room school house! SO fun! So excited to start following your work! :) You are awesome!

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