Foodie Friday: Earl Grey Vanilla Bean Truffles.

I almost lost my mind yesterday, when I realized that Easter is literally a little over a WEEK away. (How did this happen?! Ahhh! Haha!) As a result, I have been looking for a unique sweet treat to make for the adults in our lives as a little holiday treat. When I found this recipe, it was love at first sight. Earl Grey Tea + Vanilla + Dark Chocolate = Ohmygoodnessijustdiedandwenttoheaven. Who wouldn’t want these instead of any old chocolate easter bunny or jelly beans?! Yummmmmmmy.

I whipped the chocolate ganache up last night, let it cool overnight in the refrigerator , then rolled them this morning.  A few may or may not have survived the trip back into the fridge for storage…some seriously delicious flavors happening here. :) Plus, I would say that including rolling the them out, I spent about an hour on these babies. Totally do-able for me!

I hope this sweet treat brings some delicate and rich loveliness into your Friday!!


Just a few, good quality ingredients are all you need!!

(I used loose tea in a mesh tea infuser instead of the tea bag called for in the recipe. In addition, I used Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Chocolate Bar – 72% Dark, chopped instead of chocolate chips.)


Hold me back! Ha!


Give as gifts in mini mason jars, serve on a pretty platter, or tie up into tiny candy bags. They will be a hit, I guarantee it! :)

Recipe found at: Food 52.

*Note, my ganache was very hard when I took it out of the refrigerator to roll into balls. I let it sit out for a good hour to let it soften slightly, then took a spoon and chipped pieces off. I then took these chipped pieces and held them in my hands until mold-able. Roll into balls when chocolate has softened. Messy hands, but for a great cause! :)

Enjoy and Happy Friday!!



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