Baby Lucy, 3 Months Old.

When Lucy’s Momma, Kim, asked me to do some pictures of her, I almost asked if we could wait until she reached the 3 month mark. I was quickly horrified to realize that the little lady I had kept in my mind as a newborn was, in fact, ALREADY 3 months old! How does this happen?! :) She is such a happy, sweet little lady, growing so adorably fast. These days, she loves laying on her tummy, giggling, finding her thumb, sleeping through the night (wahoo!), and closely watching her big brother Cooper (who loves to keep her entertained!) doing what little boys do! Kim, you are such a wonderful friend to me, I feel so blessed to have such a fun, encouraging and sweet fellow Mom in my life! Your family is so beautiful and I feel honored to be capturing this little love as she grows!

Baby Lucy 3 Months Old-5211

Look at those eyes! This is certainly a favorite!

Baby Lucy-5078

The beginnings of a smile…

Baby Lucy-5080 Baby Lucy-5225


Baby Lucy-5181-2

This little girl LOVES her Momma.

Baby Lucy-5093

Adore. The. Hair-do.

Baby Lucy-5131

So good at finding that thumb!

Baby Lucy-5168 Baby Lucy-5121 Baby Lucy-5249

Lucy, you are such a blessing to your family and to me! I can’t image you being much more adorable….just wait for 6 months! :)

Much love!



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