Foodie Friday: Banana Bread Scones.

Here we are again…another delightful Friday!! This week, I had a bunch of overly-ripe bananas and was on the hunt for a new, more unique use for them besides my usual banana bread recipe. In my search, I came across this treat from How Sweet it Is, and fell in LOVE. The scones came out perfectly crumbly, with a light banana flavor, and oh myyyyyy is that brown butter glaze worth every moment it took to make. :) I got 16 small scones out of this recipe, leaving me plenty to take along to the park and share later on our playdate, as well as some left for breakfast this weekend. Wahoo! Plus, these took just a little over half an hour, start to finish…certainly worth my time! I chose to leave out the chocolate chips, but they would certainly add a fantastic bit of sweetness! I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!!! (I’m off to eat more scones! Ha! :))

Scones-5941 Scones-5921

I couldn’t contain myself and glazed these while still warm, which explains it being a bit “melty”. Not as pretty but totally delish. :)

Recipe: Banana Bread Scones with Brown Butter Glaze



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