The Varela Family.

My husband went to college with Heather and Joe, where they all became close friends. While I didn’t meet them until a few years after they had all graduated, I feel as if I have known them for years. (I’m not sure if it is the many hysterical stories I hear about their college years together or just the fact that they have gone out of their way to make me feel like ‘one of the gang’! Either way, their kindness has never gone unnoticed.) Since the moment I first met Heather, I knew that I had found a genuine, sweet, ADORABLE and fabulous friend…a real keeper. :) She is amazingly creative (she throws the most adorable parties and their home is decorated PERFECTLY!) and is a wonderful Momma! Joe is equally as great and their son, Mason, is BEYOND words. This little man is not only cute, but smart, energetic, sweet and has a little ‘tude to top it all off! I LOVE HIM. He and Liam will be best buds, we are all convinced. :) Though we don’t get to see them often (they live near Boston!), I feel as if we all just pick up right where we left off when we get together, never skipping a beat. They took time out of their family visit over the Easter holiday to spend an afternoon with us and gave me a few minutes in front of my camera! Thanks so much for hanging in there with me you guys, I can’t wait to come up and visit SOON! xo

Varela Family-5364

Mr. Mason!

(He’s too cute! I can’t stand it!)

Varela Family-5381


Varela Family-5420 Varela Family-5366 Varela Family-5583-2 Varela Family-5483-2 Varela Family-5451-2 Varela Family-5523

So sweet. What a silly little imp! :)Varela Family-5573-2

You two are so adorable! I love you together!

Varela Family-5562 Varela Family-5547

Heather! GORGEOUS!!!

Varela Family-5385

Varela family, we love you lots!


M., M., and L.!

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