10 on 10. April Edition.

Hooray!!! It’s APRIL! Spring has arrived! For Lancaster, spring seems to have skipped right over us and summer took it’s place…the past few days have been close if not slightly over 80 degrees! Sooooo amazing. Little man has loved being able to eat, play, run, and cause trouble OUTSIDE, while I love watching him play in the dirt and explore. All of our windows are open and that fresh air smell is intoxicating! I don’t know how I lasted a winter without it! This little shirt belonged to my husband when he was about Liam’s age and some favorite pictures of him as a little lad were taken it in. My Mother-In-Law gave it to me (well, to Liam!) at my baby shower and now it fits perfectly and the weather is just right to sport it around the house today!

I hope you find 10 things today that make your day special! Enjoy!

April 10 on 10-6090 April 10 on 10-6038

An apple snack for all to see…

April 10 on 10-6030 April 10 on 10-6088 April 10 on 10-6012 April 10 on 10-6084

I’m sure that Daffodil lived the good (but brief!) life…ha!

April 10 on 10-6029

We love dirt.

April 10 on 10-5993

Little fingers.

Happy Wednesday!



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