Marian & Brad, Engaged!

A few months ago, I pestered my husband for WEEKS when he came home from the office, wondering – “Is Marian engaged yet?!” You see, Michael works with Marian and I had gotten to know her and her (then!) boyfriend, Brad, at many office functions. (There were whisperings that a ring was on the way, but no one knew when!!) They are such a fun couple and it was driving me NUTS knowing that a proposal was coming and waiting to hear the good news!! I can’t even imagine how Marian felt! Ha! :) Brad did ‘pop the question’, and we all rejoiced! These two are so meant for each other…both accountants, they work for the same company, (just different branches) and met at a company training event. So great. Brad even managed to propose in the midst of a CRAZY busy season (accounting term for the few busy months before the tax deadline) – honestly, I know I wouldn’t have the brain power to be crunching numbers 10+ hours a day and then plan out a ring and proposal in the middle of it all. Amazing! Marian and Brad are one of the most fun, thoughtful and sweet couples I have had the pleasure of working with! Plus, I’m a little biased since like accountants….I am married to one, remember?! :)

They will be married later this year in Greensburg, PA and we are beyond thrilled for them.

I loved our session and time together, and am so honored to have capture your beautiful relationship! xo

Marian & Brad-6454

Love this of you two!

Marian & Brad-6441

Thanks so much for making the trip to Maryland for this shoot! It was so worth it! :)

Marian & Brad-6468 Marian & Brad-6418 Marian & Brad-6516

You are both so HAPPY together and it was so fun to watch!

Marian & Brad-6467

Marian & Brad-6314-2 Marian & Brad-6546

These two grew up on (almost) opposite ends of Pennsylvania, meaning they root for two VERY different hockey teams! I think it is so fun when clients bring along ‘props’ to incorporate into the shoot and these jerseys were PERFECT!

(Oh, and GO PENS! :))

Marian & Brad-6696 Marian & Brad-6580-2

Stunning together!

Marian & Brad-6574 Marian & Brad-6257

Marian, you are so gorgeous!!!

Marian & Brad-6609

Brad proposed to Marian by making her a delish homemade dinner, then placing this bottle of wine before her. SO SWEET!!!

Of course, she said” YES!” :)

Marian & Brad-6702

Ohh la la! What a stunning ring!! Well done, Brad!

Marian & Brad-6594 Marian & Brad-6624

Who doesn’t want to share a romantic bottle of wine outdoors on a balmy spring evening?! Love this idea, you two are amazing!

Marian & Brad-6648 Marian & Brad-6683 Marian & Brad-6342

A favorite!!

Marian & Brad-6668 Marian & Brad-6593 Marian & Brad-6756

Spring means spring flowers…so glad there were some blooms for you two! :)

Much love!



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