Baby Emilie, 3 Months Old.

Yet another of my little ladies is 3 months old!! Ahhhh! Seriously, this is happening wayyy too fast! :) It is such a joy for me to watch little ones grow, and even more special when they ‘belong’ to sweet friends like Emilie’s Momma, Linda. I have found such a sweet friend in her and absolutely love every moment when we get together. She was gracious enough to come to my house so I could get these pics of her gorgeous girl! Emilie is already holding her head up (wait until you see!), smiling, sleeping through the night, loves to bounce AND finds her thumb like a pro! Thanks for making the little trek over to hang out and I will see you girls at the park tomorrow?! :)

Emilie 3 Months Old-6856

Look at those eyes!! LOVE!!

Emilie 3 Months Old-6832

Always checking things out…

Emilie 3 Months Old-6854 Emilie 3 Months Old-6807 Emilie 3 Months Old-6848

Adore. That. Hair.

Baby Emilie 3 Months Old-6887 Emilie 3 Months Old-6930

Gorgeous girls!

Emilie 3 Months Old-6936 Baby Emilie 3 Months Old-6777

Sweet fingers and toes! (Yes, she folded her hands like that on her own! Eee!)

Love you much, Baby Emilie!



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