The Simple Things: Local.

This edition of “The Simple Things” is all about things local. Upon receiving this topic, my brain went 324873842 miles an hour in just as many directions. So many fun things make up where we live, what we do each day, what makes up that day, or who we spend it with! When I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing, I realized that local can be you, your home, your family! My favorite topic of all time! So I decided to seek out a moment to that REALLY shows what my days are like in this stage of life.

This picture of a wild, climbing, happy, little boy, wearing a mish-mashed outfit (monster jammie bottoms and one of my favorite t-shirts), slightly out of focus because he was bouncing, and two adorable front teeth says it all. Pure joy.


Happy Wednesday! (And Peas Out! :))



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