Malory & Ryan, Engaged!

I love my clients. I love hearing from them for the first time, inquiring about my availability. I love meeting them for the first time. I love taking their pictures. I love sharing their images with them in a finished product. Malory and Ryan are so totally in love, so totally happy and excited to be together, that they made my job….easy!! They radiate a joy that was so fun to see in person, but also such a pleasure to capture for their engagement session!

Malory contacted me a few months ago and just by her cute tone, I knew she was “my” kind of lady. This was further cemented in fact when in our last email correspondence before the session ended with her saying that postponing the date due to nasty weather would “give (her) some extra time to plan my outfits!!!!” Ha!! Love it. As you will see, she didn’t disappoint. This couple has style! Ryan, who works at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Malory, an elementary school teacher are too fun for words. The two hours we spent together FLEW by as I heard how they met (blind date!!!), how Ryan told Malory he was going to marry her 3 months into their relationship (SWOON! :)), the incredibly romantic night he proposed (think 5-star restaurant, golden gate bridge and the ocean. DOUBLE SWOON!!), and the amazing ring he designed using a family heirloom diamond.

Malory & Ryan, you two are beauty, joy and kindness. I wish you every happiness in life and know that you have found the perfect match in one another!

Much love! xo

R&M-7439 R&M-7462

Malory has a twin sister (I know, can you imagine TWO of these beauties?!) that purchased this beautiful wine set! I love it when I get to include such special items into a photo shoot!

R&M-7578-2 R&M-7585-2

James Bond, anyone?


The center diamond of this amazing ring belonged to a very special Aunt of Malory’s. Well done, Ryan!



(Told you they had style!)

R&M-7769 R&M-7693 R&M-7647

A little black dress and pearls. Does it get more classic and classy than that?!

R&M-7774 R&M-7791

I love this of you two! Such love!

R&M-7812 R&M-7983 R&M-7995

Ryan, you make Malory SO happy! I so enjoyed watching how you love and care for her.

R&M-7969 R&M-7980 R&M-7920 R&M-7896


These pictures above were actually Ryan’s idea. He explained that when he proposed, he pulled out the ring and they both stood there, just looking for a moment. So fun to recreate!


Malory!!! So GORGEOUS! I couldn’t (no matter how hard I tried!) narrow these images down. You already look like a bride!

R&M-7889 R&M-7887 R&M-7881 R&M-7947

Perfect together!

R&M-7849 R&M-7856 R&M-7844 R&M-7957

Certainly a favorite!! xo

R&M-7861 R&M-8012

You two are amazing and I am so honored to have the chance to work with you both! I can only imagine how gorgeous and perfect your wedding next May will be!! (How could it be anything but?! :))


Venue: Forge Hill Orchards, York PA

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