Strawberry Season.

Strawberry season has begun in Lancaster! This past weekend, we took a trip to a favorite local farm (Weaver’s Orchard!) with my brother and sister-in-law and niece to pick some of these beauties for ourselves! The weather was sunny, hot and humid, but we arrived at the farm in the morning and were able to pick under a section of covered plants, away from the direct sun! I don’t think there are many more delicious things in this world than a strawberry, just picked and still warm from the sun overhead. YUMMMM-O. This was Liam’s first picking experience and though it was a MESS, he had a blast. (We still need to teach him that the green tops are not for eating…we’ll get there. ;)) If you are looking for a local place to find fresh strawberries, this is the place to do it! I have so many fun strawberry recipes in mind and so little time! Ha!

Now off to eat as many berries as I can hold! Happy Tuesday! :)

Strawberry Picking-8346

His cheeks stayed full the entire time he was let loose. :)

Strawberry Picking-8321 Strawberry Picking-8324 Strawberry Picking-8365

Love all of the juice and stains…doing what little boys should do!

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