Foodie Friday: Classic B.L.T.

Ok, I’ll admit. This post is a way of taking you all along on my preggo craving wagon. :) I have never been a big bacon fan, but if in the right recipe (exhibit A: Spaghetti alla Carbonara!), it really makes a dish. Certainly, in moderation and as a special treat, it makes its way into a few of my families meals. In this case, a classic sandwich. The B.L.T. is really a fabulous thing. Cool tomato and lettuce, creamy mayo, crunchy/salty bacon, and warm toasty bread. Deeelish!

This recipe, is obviously rather basic and doesn’t need much direction. However, I DID discover a life-changing new way of making bacon (I’m sure you all already know this and I am just late to the party! :)) that I just have to share! BAKING IT. I was terrified (aware of how much of it makes on the stove top!) to prepare it in the oven, knowing that I don’t enjoy cleaning it even more than the greasy counter and frying pans! Ha! I was convinced that it would be a drippy, greasy, splatter-y disaster….and I was pleasantly surprised otherwise! Simply heat oven to 415 degrees, cover a large baking (cookie) sheet with tin foil (I used a few layers and got out of washing the sheet at all! Woot woot!), and place a metal cookie cooling rack on top. Lay out individual slices of bacon flat on the rack, close but not overlapping. Place in preheated oven for 13-15 minutes (based on thickness of your bacon) until crispy and done. Not only did the bacon stay flat (no ugly curling!), the grease simply dripped onto the foil and away from the meat, so it became crispy and delish without making a disaster out of my kitchen. Life changed!!! ;)

I hope this yummy, diner classic makes it into your life sometime soon! Enjoy! xo


Classic B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)


3-4 slices of bacon (I use a local, thick-cut, maple smoked variety)

Baby spinach (I added this because I love spinach and because I am also thinking about getting all of the nutrients I can…eating for two! :))

Sliced tomato


Whole wheat bread, toasted


Prepare bacon in oven as described above. Allow to cool slightly and cut in half to layer neatly on toasted bread. Top off with spinach, and tomatoes. Spread mayo to opposite side of bread, assemble sandwich! Enjoy!

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