The Haiges Family. July, 2013.

When Michael and I moved into our home a few summers ago, we were soon greeted by a delightfully welcoming couple (Scott and Judy) and their beautiful family. We had not even been in the house a month before we had visited them and spent time on their back patio chatting! When our little guy was born, they stopped by to meet him (and bring adorable baby gifts!), an example of their sweet and generous personalities. Since then, their boys have helped me capture our run-away puppy, babysit, watch over our home while we are away, etc., etc., etc.!  We have learned how important wonderful neighbors are and this family is the best of the best! :) Haiges family, thank you so much for spending an evening with me! It was such a joy!

Haiges Family-0966

Cooper is the newest addition to the family and was such a little doll! So happy and totally adorable! :)

Haiges Family-0970

Believe it or not, he is even more adorable in person.

Haiges Family-1005 Haiges Family-1017 Haiges Family-1025 Haiges Family-1112

Guy talk.

Haiges Family-1085

Beautiful, Emma!

Haiges Family-1128

Chad, a most dapper young fellow!

Haiges Family-1138

Spencer, a great big brother (and athlete!).

Haiges Family-1163-2 Haiges Family-1196

I love these of you girls! So gorgeous!

Haiges Family-1175 Haiges Family-1224 Haiges Family-1242-2 Haiges Family-1285

A Mom and her boys! You three are so fun!

Haiges Family-1313-2 Haiges Family-1324

Haiges Family-1329 Haiges Family-1343 Haiges Family-1353

Emma and Scott have a handshake that I was lucky enough to see! (Too cute, right?!) :)

Haiges Family-1366-2


Haiges Family-1358

Haiges family, you have been such a gift to us in these past few years! Thank you again for spending some time with me, and can’t wait to get together soon! :)



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