Dawn & Adam, Engaged!

A little over 26 years ago, two ladies (and friends!) were both expecting little ones, ready to “pop” at any moment. Little did they know that on May 23rd, they would both give birth to little girls…Dawn and myself!!! :) Though we didn’t always go to the same schools growing up, Dawn and I always had that special birthday connection and I always loved her sweet and easygoing personality. When we re-connected a few years ago (thank you, Facebook! :)), I loved seeing what career path she had taken and what was going on in her life! Shortly after, I saw a young man named Adam popping up in her photos, and soon was thrilled to see they were getting married!! Of course, this excitement only grew when Dawn contacted me asking if I would be interested in shooting their wedding  early this fall.

After a fun reunion and introduction to Adam, I learned that they had actually met through Dawn’s Mom! A few years ago, Adam was on a plane and courteously gave up his comfy window seat so a family could sit together. As a result, he was placed in a center seat, next to (you guessed it!) Dawn’s Momma! They chatted the whole flight and at the end, it was decided that she would be hooking him up with her adorable daughter. The rest is history, completing one of my all-time fave love stories. :) Couples don’t get much more adorable and sweet that this pair, and I honestly think that if it hadn’t gotten dark at the end of our shoot, we could have talked for another 2 hours!

Thanks for making the trek to meet me at the orchard you two, so excited that the next time I will see you will be WEDDING DAY!

So thrilled for you both and thank you for a wonderful evening!! xo

Adam & Dawn-9837

Some of the first images out of my camera…gorgeous couple!

Adam & Dawn-9809 Adam & Dawn-9859-2

You are both so genuinely happy to be together…and it shows!

Adam & Dawn-9827 Adam & Dawn-9913

Dawn! You are so incredibly gorgeous!! You will be a stunning bride!

Adam & Dawn-9936 Adam & Dawn-9958

The evening was full of laughter…

Adam & Dawn-0014 Adam & Dawn-0022


Adam & Dawn-0271

We chose to have this shoot in an outdoor setting, as these two love to spend their free time in the countryside! In fact, Adam proposed to Dawn while rock climbing!!! So fun!!

Adam & Dawn-0151

One of my favorites! Adam, it is so fun to see how much you care for Dawn!

Adam & Dawn-0134-2

PERFECT.Adam & Dawn-9865

Adam & Dawn-0098

It was such a treat to work with a sweet childhood friend! Dawn, you are adorable!

Adam & Dawn-0091Adam & Dawn-0105 Adam & Dawn-0055

So great, Adam! You are a perfect match for Dawn.

Adam & Dawn-0141 Adam & Dawn-0115-2 Adam & Dawn-0124Adam & Dawn-0168 Adam & Dawn-0154 Adam & Dawn-0223 Adam & Dawn-0189

September can’t get here soon enough…I cannot wait to watch you two get MARRIED!!! :)


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