Baby Josephine, 1 Month Old.

My husband is one lucky guy to work with all of the amazing fellow accountants I have featured on this site! :) Sarah, sweet Josephine’s Momma is just one of these fabulous coworkers and friends. One of my first “encounters” with Sarah, was last winter as we trekked out as a family hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. Her family owns and runs Hunt’s Christmas Tree Farm here in the Lancaster area and we had a blast hunting for and chopping down our tree! Though Sarah wasn’t there, we met and chatted with many of her kind family members and I soon felt as if I knew her as well! When Sarah herself contacted me to capture her new little sweetie I was SO excited, and as you will see, the cuteness is certainly not lacking in this household! :)

Sarah and Zach, you two are such loving, easygoing and FUN parents! Baby Josephine is lucky to have you and I am honored to have been able to spend a few hours together! xo


LOVE those little peach-fuzzed arms!!


Sarah, you are so lovely!! I love this picture of you two.

Josephine-1977 Josephine-1918

Josephine already knows who her Momma is!

Josephine-1951 Josephine-2082

The nursery is just adorable, with just the right amount of color and sweet touches.

Josephine-2077 Josephine-2078 Josephine-2027

Zach, your little girl!! I love how she always had those little arms moving or outstretched!

Josephine-2026 Josephine-2037-2 Josephine-2057 Josephine-2128-2

Now for the little love herself!

Josephine-2172 Josephine-2185 Josephine-2166



The many positions of Miss Josephine.


It doesn’t matter how many tiny toes I have seen…they never get any less perfect!!

Josephine-2193 Josephine-2234

A beautiful family of THREE!

Much love, Kratsas Family!



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