Dawn & Mike, Engaged!

Dawn and Mike, you two are fabulous. From the moment Dawn contacted me, to the end of our shoot I enjoyed each and every moment (and email! :))! Mike proposed to Dawn from below her childhood bedroom window…wait for it…after serenading her with one of their favorite songs. Romeo and Juliet, anyone?! Eeeeeeep!!! So amazing!!! Their relationship isn’t any less romantic and I could tell, even from our short time together, that these two were meant to be. In working through finding the perfect location for this shoot, Dawn suggested a park and lake close to her home in Quakertown, PA. It was a slight hike for me, coming from Lancaster, but I am SO, SO glad for her decision! GORGEOUS!! (The amazing couple at the opposite end of the lens didn’t hurt either! :)) The evening was spent chatting about their lives, laughing lots, hearing plans for their beautiful wedding (next summer!) and capturing their love for each other…a photographer’s dream!

Dawn and Mike, I am so grateful for the chance to capture this precious time in your lives! Enjoy every moment!! Congratulations!

Dawn & Mike-2898


Dawn & Mike-2-45

I’m not sure it can get much more romantic than a dock on a gorgeous summer night!

Dawn & Mike-2930

Dawn & Mike-2918

Dawn & Mike-3021

What a STUNNING ring! Fabulous job, Mike!

Dawn & Mike-2584-3

I love how you two make each other laugh!

Dawn & Mike-3010

So gorgeous, Dawn! (And so happy with your husband-to-be!)

Dawn & Mike-2904-2 Dawn & Mike-2725

I can’t help but smile when I see these photos. Your happiness is contagious! :)

Dawn & Mike-2716-2 Dawn & Mike-2870 Dawn & Mike-2593 Dawn & Mike-2-21 Dawn & Mike-2845 Dawn & Mike-2-37

Above is one of my favorites…so lovely!

Dawn & Mike-2579

Dawn, you’re marrying a model! :)

Dawn & Mike-2-40 Dawn & Mike-3010-2 Dawn & Mike-3078 Dawn & Mike-3175-2


Dawn & Mike-3177 Dawn & Mike-3046

Dawn and Mike, your wedding next summer will be gorgeous, but not nearly as wonderful as your lives together! I am so excited for you both and loved every moment of working with you.

Much Love!



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