Miss Sydney is ONE!

Hooray!! Baby Sydney is ONE!! :)

This photo shoot was ranks up there in the top 5 of most my fun…for me AND for my cutie subjects! Ha! Sydney’s family chose a vintage pink and yellow theme to celebrate their little girl’s first birthday and it doesn’t get much more adorable than what they came up with. From hand making the mini Lemonade Stand (yes, a lemonade stand!! Eeee!) and birthday cake, to a mini Carhart outfit and tracking down a vintage high chair, this was a family affair and labor of love. I enjoyed every second of my time with the birthday girl and her delightful entourage!!! :) Happy birthday, sweet Sydney!!

Sydney is One-5947

Such a beautiful family!

Sydney is One-6069

Sydney’s big sisters love her soooo incredibly much! I loved watching them together. Most of the giggles we got out of Sydney were in reaction to her sisters! So sweet!

Sydney is One-6116

Sister love!

Sydney is One-5987-2 Sydney is One-6100

Daddy’s little lady!!

Sydney is One-6171

Eeeeeeeeeee! I’m dying. :)

Sydney is One-6153-2 Sydney is One-6179 Sydney is One-6207 Sydney is One-6122

Such pretty girls!

Sydney is One-6500 Sydney is One-6224-2 Sydney is One-6240 Sydney is One-6237 Sydney is One-6278

Sydney’s Momma made this cake. Such perfection!!!

Sydney is One-6400

A favorite!!

Sydney is One-6326 Sydney is One-6447 Sydney is One-6425 Sydney is One-6307ADORABLE.

Much love!



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