The Cole Family. September, 2013.

I love it when people you haven’t seen for years and years come back into your life. I love it even more when they have gotten married and started stunningly beautiful families! :) I knew Bri and her parents growing up in my small hometown, and though she was a few years older than I, was always so fun, sweet and kind! I adored her then and I adore her and her family now! It was so fun to hear that the Cole’s were living near us and when she asked me to spend some time taking their family pictures I was thrilled, to say the least. Her two little ones were more adorable in person (hard to believe, I know! :)) and even more fun to play with. Cole family, you were such a joy to work with, I cannot wait to watch you grow!



The Cole Family-8470 The Cole Family-8524 The Cole Family-8494 The Cole Family-8540 The Cole Family-8552

Such sweet big brother and little sister moments!

The Cole Family-8563 The Cole Family-8605


The Cole Family-8626 The Cole Family-8656

These two photos always make me laugh! Shall we say, the reality of siblings? Ha! Such a riot!

The Cole Family-8709

Beautiful girls!

The Cole Family-8616

Bri, you are stunning! Such a great couple!

The Cole Family-8722

Every little man needs some sticks in his life.

The Cole Family-8792 The Cole Family-8779


The Cole Family-8821

I could seriously eat.her.up!

The Cole Family-8805 The Cole Family-8906 The Cole Family-8854 The Cole Family-8880 The Cole Family-8857


The Cole Family-8866 The Cole Family-8899 The Cole Family-8886 The Cole Family-8964

A good case of the sillies.

Happy Thursday! :)

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