The Holtz Family. September, 2013.

I just LOVE this family!!! You may remember little Hunter and his parents (and pup!) from our orchard session last fall (in case you missed it, click here!), and how I have known Patti, Hunter’s Momma since before I can remember. Family friends are so special and it is even more fun when I can see them and their beautiful families growing each year! The icing on the cake in this case is that I get to also spend some time capturing them together and saving those moments forever! Holtz family, this session was SO MUCH FUN! I adore you all and little Hunter man captures my heart a little more each time we meet. :) Thanks for the chance to see you all! Much love!!!



The Holtz Family-9709

The whole Fam…pup Nittany too!

The Holtz Family-9693

I LOVE how Hunter’s tongue makes it’s way out when he is concentrating or running. Too cute.

The Holtz Family-9736


The Holtz Family-9741-2 The Holtz Family-9840

The trucks and tractors slowly made their way out…

The Holtz Family-9762 The Holtz Family-9821-2 The Holtz Family-9760

Eeeee! I could just squeeze him up!

The Holtz Family-9794 The Holtz Family-9811 The Holtz Family-9809


The Holtz Family-9778 The Holtz Family-9841 The Holtz Family-9905

Patti and Jeff! Love!

The Holtz Family-9916-2 The Holtz Family-9846

Hunter and Nittany are BFFs….Obvi. ;)

The Holtz Family-9851 The Holtz Family-9896

This series of photos are some of my favorites. These two just sat and played, Hunter was so content with his Daddy!

The Holtz Family-9956 The Holtz Family-9878 The Holtz Family-9890-2 The Holtz Family-9902 The Holtz Family-9972

Avid Penn State fans, this family is all decked out in Blue & White! :) These little shoes squeak when Hunter walks in them. Ahhhhdorable!

The Holtz Family-9998

How appropriate that miss Nittany puppy makes it into this picture. :)

The Holtz Family-9984

Hunter. You are the man. (I think he knows it too.)

The Holtz Family-0007 The Holtz Family-0017 The Holtz Family-0027

Of course, a little Steeler jersey representation as well. Hunter is filling that jersey in a little more than last year…!! :)

Happy October, all! xo

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