Baby Ella, 7 Months Old.

Ohhhh Baby ELLA! I adore you!!! (I also adore your sweet parents, but that should go without saying! :)) I have been photographing this little LOVE since she was born and she gets more and more precious each time I see her! At 7 months old, she is sitting up, giggling at her Daddy and loving on her Momma. This session was so fun and the epitome of sweet fall time. As we arrived at the orchard, the sprinkling rain began, though it quickly gave way to the most heavenly glowing light! Just what we needed to perfectly capture this little pumpkin! :)

I think you are fabulous Caiazzo family, thanks for sharing your sweet little one with me!!



Baby Ella-0208

Such a stunning family! Love!

Baby Ella-0268 Baby Ella-0240 Baby Ella-0247

Giggly girl loves the camera, I think! :)

Baby Ella-0209 Baby Ella-0287 Baby Ella-0310


Baby Ella-0272-3 Baby Ella-0316 Baby Ella-0354 Baby Ella-0366

Look at her go! Ms. Fierce! Ha!

Baby Ella-0341

Precious giggles for Daddy.

Baby Ella-0381 Baby Ella-0393

The sweetest pumpkin in all the land.

Baby Ella-0444 Baby Ella-0451

What is fall without “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”?!

Baby Ella-0474 Baby Ella-0478

I am loving the wobbles!

Baby Ella-0490 Baby Ella-0529

You two! Perfect together!

(Robyn, SO gorgeous!)

Baby Ella-0554 Baby Ella-0507

Andddd to end…the most precious Strawberry I have ever SEEN!! Eeeee!


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