Dawn & Adam, Married!

As I said in their engagement session post, Dawn and Adam are veryyy special to me. Dawn and I not only share a birthday but a hometown, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been chosen to capture her gorgeous wedding day! The weather was sunny and fabulous as these two said “I Do!”, in front of some of the sweetest family and friends I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is not often that a photographer feels that they, too, are a guest of a beautiful occasion and that is exactly what happened! :) From sweet pink flowers, to beautiful horses, tandem bicylces and one FUN band, this wedding was full of personal details and special moments. I adore you, Adam and Dawn! You are so perfect together and it has been such an honor sharing in this amazing time with you both!


Dawn & Adam-6810 Dawn & Adam-7391 Dawn & Adam-7109 Dawn & Adam-6593

The day started off with two talented sets of ladies equipped with plenty of hair products and make-up!

Dawn & Adam-6778 Dawn & Adam-6512 Dawn & Adam-6673

Dawn, you are glowing! :)

Dawn & Adam-6797

What’s a wedding day without bridal party Starbucks?!

Dawn & Adam-6671


Dawn & Adam-6686 Dawn & Adam-6591 Dawn & Adam-6569

I just adore the detail and thought that went into the ceremony site and decor. This was the first “Unplugged” wedding I have shot and it was FABULOUS!!! I loved watching guests truly engage with the couple and ceremony.

Dawn & Adam-6693

Adam’s nephew led the way!

Dawn & Adam-6697 Dawn & Adam-7101 Dawn & Adam-6736 Dawn & Adam-7134 Dawn & Adam-7115 Dawn & Adam-7124 Dawn & Adam-7180

Husband and Wife!!!

Dawn & Adam-7212

Each guest was given a tiny cup of sprinkles to throw as the newlyweds walked back down the isle….LOVE!

Dawn & Adam-7215 Dawn & Adam-6617

This reception, seriously, had it all.

Dawn & Adam-6860 Dawn & Adam-6810-2 Dawn & Adam-7246

I adore these two…

Dawn & Adam-7340

…and these sweet ladies!

Dawn chose her most special friends and they made the day all the more memorable. You three are truly lucky to have such sweet girlfriends in each other! :)

Dawn & Adam-7374 Dawn & Adam-7348 Dawn & Adam-6846Dawn & Adam-6848

Such a handsome group!

Dawn & Adam-7392

Adam and Dawn are avid bikers and super outdoorsy, so the tandem bicycle was part of their wedding theme from the beginning. Adam had this one refurbished just for this occasion. I am SO glad that he did, because it resulted in some of my favorite wedding portraits, EVER! :)

Dawn & Adam-7410 Dawn & Adam-7408 Dawn & Adam-7451

I just love seeing you two together! I can’t help but smile when looking at these images!

Dawn & Adam-7486 Dawn & Adam-7515

Dawn, you are so stunning! It is such a joy for me to see you so happy!

Dawn & Adam-7555 Dawn & Adam-7561 Dawn & Adam-7569

That’s right, she doesn’t just stand next to that bike….!!!

Dawn & Adam-6938 Dawn & Adam-6598 Dawn & Adam-6606

Let the fun begin!
Dawn & Adam-7612 Dawn & Adam-7740 Dawn & Adam-7672 Dawn & Adam-6824 Dawn & Adam-7923 Dawn & Adam-6996

Adam and his two main ladies!

Dawn & Adam-7117

Adam and his Mom, in a word, are sweetness. He adores her (and she, him!) and it was so obvious, a trait of a true gentleman! Dawn & Adam-7967

I have never had photos stop me in my tracks like these have. Dawn and her Dad have a very special bond and it was such joy to capture.
Dawn & Adam-8011Dawn & Adam-7991Dawn & Adam-7862

…and then the REAL dancing began…

Dawn & Adam-7857

This reception was a BLAST. Can you tell?! :)

Dawn & Adam-8051 Dawn & Adam-7044 Dawn & Adam-8173 Dawn & Adam-7721-2

Off into the sunset they go!

Much Love,

Adam & Dawn!!



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