A Time for Change.

Two years ago, we found the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect city…Lancaster, PA. We made special friends, had a sweet little boy, grew my business and enjoyed living in this wonderful place.

Now, however, we have been called to move our family (and my business too! :)) to Maryland. When my husband first approached me with this plan, I will admit I was hesitant. With only a few months to go before having a new baby, it seemed almost “nuts!” to attempt to sell our home and find/purchase another before she was born (all the while, having an almost-two-year-old!). Many times, we felt (and were told by many professionals!) that there was no way it could happen in that short amount of time. For some reason, we held out hope and aggressively plugged ahead, certain that if this was the right direction for our family God would provide. Two months later and we have sold our home (that happened in less than a week!), purchased another (we won the highest bid on it by only $1,000!), and this baby still has a few weeks until she is scheduled to arrive. Is this real life?!?! :) I have been blown away, time and time again by the Lord’s faithfulness and care. Though it has been a bittersweet few months, we are confident in this being the best move for our family and our faith has been strengthened….the greatest gift of all. Moving forward, there are many things that will be greatly missed about Lancaster. For me, the amazing friendships and clients here are the hardest to part with! Luckily, our new home is only a little over an hour from the city so I look forward to many day trips to keep up with everyone! :)

Now, what does this mean for Mary Neumann Photography? As you know, we will be adding a new little one to the family within the next few weeks. Because of this new change, I feel that a “maternity leave” of sorts is reasonable and will most likely be taking a break from client work until the new year (January, 2014). If things go well and there is interest, I may consider a shoot or two before then, just shoot me an email and we will work through it! :) Instead of Lancaster, I will be located in Reisterstown, MD. This is about half an hour from the city of Baltimore and a bit over an hour from Lancaster county. As I serve clients in Baltimore and northern MD now, I will also serve Lancaster and South-Western PA after the move. (I am willing to travel outside of these areas, just contact me to work out those details.) As always, if you have questions about my availability, location, etc. please just shoot me an email and I am thrilled to discuss things with you! :)

Thanks to all of you, for an amazing year of photos and sessions! I feel honored to play a part in capturing special times and moments for you and your loved ones!

Much love and stay tuned!



New House-2269

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