Megan & Matt, Engaged!

Megan & Matt are adorable. We met, as we all attend the same church (Crossway), almost two years ago now. Megan was in the same adult membership class as we were when when joining and I remember thinking what a total DOLL she was! Of course, when they got engaged this summer (think surprise proposal on the beach…swoon!) the entire church celebrated with them and we were thrilled. It could only be topped by being asked to shoot their engagement and wedding….something I was lucky enough to have happen!!! :) I love you two together and am so excited to have been able to share in this special time for you both. Your wedding this summer is going to be STUNNING!!! I am already anxiously awaiting the big day! In the meantime, enjoy these sweet moments together, it was such joy capturing them for you!

Megan & Matt-1478

Megan and Matt have a favorite coffee shop, here in Lancaster (Prince Street Cafe) and love to drink tea (and chocolate milk for Matt! :)) and play cards. I love capturing couples doing what they love…together!

Megan & Matt-1470-2 Megan & Matt-1440 Megan & Matt-1413

Just because they were playing for the camera doesn’t mean they didn’t get competitive! Neither likes to lose and it was ON in a wild game of Slapjack!

Megan & Matt-1445 Megan & Matt-1505

LOVE this of you two!

(Oh, and I should mention that they remembered my favorite drink from this sweet place and made sure I had it for after the shoot! Ahhhmazingly thoughtful.)

Megan & Matt-1522

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?!

(Megan makes the most adorable cupcakes, by the way! This girl has skills!)

Megan & Matt-1548 Megan & Matt-1572

I love the architecture and brick in downtown Lancaster and Lancaster Central Market. Swoon.

Megan & Matt-1654

We were soon off to explore another of their favorite hang-outs, the BohoZone Music Gallery and record store. It has been a longgg time since I was in a retro, authentic record store and this place was the real deal.

Megan & Matt-1607 Megan & Matt-1594 Megan & Matt-1606

Matt gifted Megan (a HUGE Taylor Swift fan!!) with this album as a sweet surprise.

Megan & Matt-1686

Last stop was the church property where I first met these two and where they will be getting married this summer!

Megan & Matt-1736 Megan & Matt-1752

So gorgeous, Megan!!

Megan & Matt-1795-3

You two, SERIOUSLY?! Beyond perfect.

Megan & Matt-1799 Megan & Matt-1746 Megan & Matt-1853-2 Megan & Matt-1788

I love how you make each other laugh…all the time!

Megan & Matt-1805 Megan & Matt-1811

What better way to celebrate getting engaged than with bubbles and balloons?!

Megan & Matt-1874 Megan & Matt-1883 Megan & Matt-1848 Megan & Matt-1786


Megan & Matt-1770 Megan & Matt-1908

Such a stunning couple, inside and out.

Megan & Matt-1925 Megan & Matt-1939

Megan, you are so in love! Perfection!

Megan & Matt-1944

The next time you see these two on my blog, they will be husband and wife!!! Eeeee!!

Love you lots, Megan and Matt!



5 thoughts on “Megan & Matt, Engaged!

  1. Ahhhh. Beautiful light. Beautiful colors. Beautiful couple. Makes me remember what it feels like to be so in love. You captured the beauty of their love so perfectly Mary.

  2. echoing the comments above! these photos are amazzzzing! gorgeous subjects of course but the composition and light in these is incredible!!!! submit to SMP or equivalent ASAP! xoxo

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