This title is a perfect word for how we are feeling these days! We have arrived. We have arrived at semi-regular schedules again. We have arrived at nights of restful sleep. We have arrived at the new-normal in routines. We have arrived at our new home and settled into an entirely new state. We have emerged into the real world again…as a family of FOUR! :)  While there are certainly many gains to be made, and areas to grow here in Maryland, the newborn baby/searching for homes/moving stages are over and we are ready to move forward. Of course, I love and will still enjoy long mornings in our pajamas and snow days, stuck inside by the fire. However, Mary Neumann Photography is a passion of mine and something I am thrilled to move forward with! I am excited to see what this new location, community and circle of friends means for my 3rd “baby”, this business! If you have questions about scheduling a shoot or just want to say “hello!”, I would love to hear from you!

Liam 23 Months-4786

In the next weeks, keep your eyes open for a few shoots completed towards the end of 2013, as well as the return of Foodie Fridays, and perhaps a surprise or two! :)

Happy new year, all you fabulous people! I’m so excited to be back in the “real world” with you all again!



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