Olivia Grace, 2 Months Old.

Since this little lady was the reason for my work “hiatus”, I thought it was only appropriate to feature her here on the blog! She was 2 months old this past week and oh, how the weeks have flown! I have been blessed with two kiddos that sleep incredibly well (as in 8 hour stretches by 6 weeks old!!) and so far, she had continued the trend! A few weeks ago, she began chatting and cooing with us. Her little voice is so clear and sweet and I can’t wait to hear all that she has to say once the words start coming. :) Her petite little arms and legs are always going and she has been holding her head up/ is busy observing since she was just a few weeks old. She rolls with the flow of our home and lifestyle and we cannot imagine her not being part of our lives.

From the night she was born, I have loved Olivia’s long eyelashes and dainty little features. Liam was adorable, but this little one is the epitome of girly and I love it.

I adore watching little ones, whether it be my own or my cutie clients, develop and grow. Such a blessing. Now, enough of my proud-Mommy-bragging, enjoy! :)

Olivia 2 Months Old-5096 Olivia 2 Months Old-5092

Tiny fist, tiny pink toes.

Olivia 2 Months Old-5220

Not much hair yet, but I can’t wait to see what color it will be!

Olivia 2 Months Old-5184 Olivia 2 Months Old-5149-3 Olivia 2 Months Old-5153

Liam has been the sweetest big brother. Lately, I hear him saying, “It’s ok, Baby O.”, when she fusses and I am constantly washing her hats because he’s kissing her head, often with food in his mouth. :)

Olivia 2 Months Old-5133 Olivia 2 Months Old-5127-3 Olivia 2 Months Old-5168

I love that they will grow up to have each other as sweet friends and siblings.

Olivia 2 Months Old-5228 Olivia 2 Months Old-5107-3

A sneak peek of her nursery…a full post coming on this once we complete the final touches! Woohoo! :)

Olivia 2 Months Old-5249

Happy Wednesday, all!


Mary (Olivia & Liam, too!)

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