Liam, 2 Years Old.

Late last month, our Liam boy turned TWO. Because of his sister’s recent arrival, we had a small birthday celebration (That Bouncy Place, Chic-fil-A  and then home for presents and cupcakes!) and not a party like last year. It has been a few weeks since the big day, and I have been excited to try and put into words what he means to us! Each child is blessing and a joy and Liam has made us feel like the luckiest parents on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t classify Liam as an “easy” child, HA! :) He has us on our toes each moment he spends awake and I am constantly amazed at how quickly he can find “trouble”. Now know, it is always innocent, like emptying my purse and trying on all 6 versions of lip gloss I had stashed in there (Yes, 6, I may have a problem…;)), making a mural out of our bedroom wall (thank goodness for washable markers!!), or dusting his entire room with a bottle of baby powder. When he was just 6 months old, he locked himself in the bathroom of our old home and I had to call the fire department (fire truck and all!) to come get him out. Luckily, he opened the door just as they arrived so all was well. Mind you, all of these things happened within a span of 2-5 minutes, haha! I will someday learn to interpret silence as dangerous! :) Each time something like this happens, I remind myself of each sweet apology that will surely follow and how grateful I am for his sharp and inquisitive little mind. It has been such a lesson in Grace for me and I love him for it.

Liam loves his little sister, and has barely batted an eye at her arrival. To him, it is as if she has always been a part of our lives. I often hear him talking to her and coming over as she lays in her seat to gently pat her head and say, “check on her!”. When she cries in the car and I cannot reach her, I hear his little voice chime in, “Comin’ Baby O.!” (what he calls her and what we say when she cries). He is also great at covering her (“gentle Momma”) with a blanket, giving her paci back, and throwing out her diapers for me after I change her. I am in love with his loving and gentle soul.

This little man loves books, to be sung to right before nap and “night night”, blueberries, yogurt, cheese, golfing (yes, he got a set for clubs for his birthday from his DeDe and Pops and is already better than I will every be! :)), eating snow, anything having to do with water and taking baths. Each day, he is putting together more and more words and last night he asked to take his yogurt into his play room to eat it (“Momma. Playroom, eat yogurt at table?). Of course, how could I say no?! He is a little adventurer and his spirit is bright and contagious.

I have made a commitment to do a session with my kiddos at each month of their first year and then a big one every year, near or on their birthdays (a minimum of course, anyone that follows me knows I go a little overboard on that!:)). This year, I decided to capture Liam over a series of days in a “Week In the Life” style. The weather is far too cold now to attempt a photo shoot outside, having a newborn limits my ability to do that during daylight anyway. I also love him best in his silly, unbathed, everyday way.

Little Liam, I hope that in 10, 20 plus years, you get to look back on these photo shoots and the posts about you and know how very much you are loved!



Liam is 2-5997-2

This set of photos I took just after he got up from his afternoon nap. He has recently had a growth spurt and I still remember him swimming in these now too-short pants. He also still has the paci. (supposed to be just for sleeping), not our favorite thing, but a part of him right now nonetheless. :)

Liam is 2-6003

He is always trying to play with my camera equipment, so this year he got his very own! In the photo on the right, he mimicked me as I laid down to shoot from his level. Too cute.

Liam is 2-5973

As I get dressed and ready in the morning, he spends time coloring, reading and playing on our bathroom floor.

Liam is 2-6014 Liam is 2-6020

Little fingers, full of markers.

Liam is 2-5764

Liam and our dog Loki are best friends. Multiple times a day I hear Liam squealing gleefully as he and Lokes wrestle, play fetch or chase each other around the house. Above, Loki waited outside Liam’s room for him to get up from a nap.

Liam is 2-5840

Is that the face of canine sainthood or what?! :)

Liam is 2-5895 Liam is 2-6284

It is also the era of Elmo…


…and no pants.

(Also, learning to “step AND throw!”)


Also for his birthday, we visited the Baltimore aquarium. He was amazed (as were we!).


If it were up to him, I am certain he would grow fins and live in the bathtub.Liam is 2-4661

Liam is 2-4722 Liam is 2-6057

Brushing his teeth (now that he has lots!), has become a part of our everyday routines. As is stealing Momma’s toothbrush to use as his own. :)

Love you, little Liam. I can’t wait to see what these fabulous Two’s have in store for us all!


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