DIY, Vanilla Bean Salt.

Ok, who else out there loves Valentine’s Day?! I don’t know if it’s because it falls just as winter is getting long and we need a little “pick-me-up”, or the fact that we get a holiday to celebrate those that we love! I mean, how great is that?! This year, I was determined to share something that some lovely ladies in my life could USE and be reminded of how much I appreciate them. Also, I know that homemade gifts are special to me, and decided to create the best of both worlds with a DIY treat…Vanilla Bean Sea Salt. It took all of 5 minutes to prep and another few to package. Plus, it made my kitchen (and hands!) smell ahhhhh-mazing. :) I know, it is a bit of an unusual combination, but let’s think about this…what isn’t better with a little salty added in? Plus, many of our “sweet” recipes call for a small amount of salt and this version just adds a little delicious POP! Substitute this in when baking, sprinkle on cookies or caramels, rim the glasses of mixed drinks with it…the possibilities are endless! (My favorite option might be stuffing my nose in its jar and taking deep, vanilla scented breaths. :))

Whip up a batch for someone you love or simply add to your own baking cabinet! Hopefully by sharing this today (instead of Foodie Friday!), you have a little time to prepare and hand out!

Happy Tuesday and Enjoy!

Vanilla Salt-6486

Vanilla Bean Salt


Sea Salt (I used regular, white, mildly coarse variety. I would also love to try even more coarse pink or grey celtic salt at some point!)

Whole Vanilla Beans (Madagascar are best, but get what you can find!)

Glass jars for storage and gifting


Using a sharp knife, split each vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape out the moist seeds from inside. Rub the seeds into a small bowl of sea salt, then disperse into a larger bowl filled with the remaining salt. I used one vanilla bean per 3/4 cups of salt. Add in at least one of the empty vanilla pods for even more flavor. Store in a sealed container until needed! Mmmmm!



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